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Nevada Backwards and BLVD Park tonight

Posted in Biggest Little City Club, Extradition 2010 show by Extradition Music on February 26, 2010

Just a quick reminder that Nevada Backwards is playing with BLVD Park tonight at the Biggest Little City Club. 

Tickets are $5.oo at the door, and the show starts at 9:00PM.  This promises to be a great show, and a lot of fun.  Check out previous posts, videos, and descriptions on this show here, here, and here.


New Show to Announce

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As the season picks up, we are happy to bring you more and more shows.  We are even happier when the shows that we bring you are of singers that are this amazing.  And, we are happiest when we can bring you the shows for free.

James Hunnicutt will be playing a Free Show at the Sierra Tap House on Friday, March 5, at 8:00PM.

James is one of the best out there with respect to authenticity and sincerity.  He primarily performs his rockabilly act solo anymore, but he’s been with some of the greats, to include Wayne “The Train” Hancock, who we brought to town last month.  He’s known for his crooning style, heavily laden with emotion, and as an amazing guitarist. 

We are proud to have this opportunity to work with James on his latest voyage to Reno, and we are happy to work with the local rockabilly band, the  Cowbelleros to make this happen.

See you at the show.

James Hunnicutt at Sierra Tap House 

Nevada Backwards: You’ll Find Out

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Nevada Backwards–Going to be a great show

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Don’t forget:

Nevada Backwards with BLVD Park

Friday, February 26, 2010 at the Biggest Little City Club

9PM, $5 at the door

Check out this little bit of country-blues. 

Extradition Music on Facebook

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Take a look at our Facebook page when you get a chance.  It is the best place to get updates on our upcoming events and shows, and the best place to find reviews of past shows and other links.  Join and be the first to receive the word.

Northern Nevada — Concert Central

Posted in Extradition 2010 show by Extradition Music on February 19, 2010

You know those events that you hear about from other people after the fact and you wish you would have been there?  I’m not talking about a Superbowl party or anything like that.  I mean one of those events where real things were happening that fit the environment, the weather, the mood so well that you knew it was just perfect?  Tim Wainer’s “Backyard Concert Series” is one of those events. 

Tim runs the Facebook page called “Northern Nevada — Concert Central”.  You can join here.  Tim sends out concert updates for the Reno area as soon as they become available.  He’ll offer the occasional free compilation CD as well, but only to his members.  The greatest gift that Wainer gives to his fans, though, is the live music shows.  That really is what he is in it for, and it shows with the bands that he has had in his home, and in the backyard of some of his friends. 

It’s often the first time you’ve heard of a band that plays in his series, but you can’t help but love them when you see them in such an intimate, BYOB setting.  Sometimes, like this year, the bands will demand to play again: Roadside Graves, one of the favorites from last year, will be playing again this year.  Other times, the bands will have moved up the latter just a bit in the business: Deer Tick played last year, and this year, you couldn’t pull them off a high-profile tour for long enough to play a smaller show.  That’s no dig on Deer Tick.  Good for them.  But it does suggest Tim’s talent for bringing great acts to Reno and finding ones that are on their way. 

We’re in talks to do some shows with Wainer and his group this year.  They’re always a great time.  Think about it: a show in someone’s backyard during a summer evening, there’s a barbecue and banter with the bands, and the music is always great.  So there.  Now I’ve told you about it.  Don’t you wish you would have gone last year? 

We’ll keep you updated on shows this year.

Video of Nevada Backwards

Posted in Biggest Little City Club, Extradition 2010 show by Extradition Music on February 18, 2010

Check out video of the band at Marylin’s.  Great song.  Great sound. 

Nevada Backwards and BLVD Park at the Biggest Little City Club, February 26, $5 at the door

News: New Bands, New Books

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As I wrote in an earlier post, we are really excited for the upcoming Nevada Backwards/BLVD Park show at the Biggest Little City Club.  As noted in our “about page” Gallatin Road Productions is about the interpretation of our city and our state in music, while Virginia Avenue Press is about the same in literature.  The interpretation or reinterpretation of our city through song is great when great local bands dig into the subject.  But there is an extra level of intrigue there when folks from outside of the state do.  Nevada Backwards is one of those bands that does it and does it well.

Just look at their name.  Their myspace page describes the origin of “Nevada Backwards” this way:

Adaven: A Nevada ghostown, a backwards state, Brian’s first dog.

That fascination with our state alone should be just about enough to inspire most of us to get there and see what this band is all about, but there’s more, too.  You have their sizable Burning Man following.  You have their genuine interest in roots rock music.  And you have their great sound too.  Oh, and BLVD Park is bringing all of that with them too. 

This is going to be a great show.  See you all there.

In other news, Virginia Avenue Press is very close to signing three new authors on top of the two that are already on board.  This is going to be a great year for the literature of Reno to grow.  The two Johnny Cash books will be out by August at the latest.

Extradition on Facebook

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Since this is a new blog, please allow me a chance to do some admin work.  The surest way that you will hear about our shows–at least for now–is to join our Facebook fan page.  When we have a show coming up, we’ll plug it a few times on the page, and we’ll send out a message to all of our fans.  You can join by going here: http://bit.ly/9g75V6

Also, so everyone knows, our plan is to keep bringing great shows to Reno throughout the rest of the year.  And in August, we’re going to bring an alt-country/roots rock music festival to downtown Reno.  We’ve already lined up a few of the venues, a few of the acts, and a few of the investors, so it ought to be something really enjoyable. 

There will be more to follow on all of these things, but I wanted to have a place to direct people to who were interested in learning more about what our bigger plans are for this year.   For now, we’re just going to keep reaching out to great bands and seeing if they want to play in our great town.

Nevada Backwards at the BLCC

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We are anxious to host Nevada Backwards with supporting act BLVD Park at the Biggest Little City Club on Friday, February 26, 2010.  Doors are at 9:00PM, Cover is $5, 21 and over please.

Nevada Backwards and BLVD Park at the BLCC

Nevada Backwards at the BLCC