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Posted in Uncategorized by Extradition Music on February 4, 2010

Since this is a new blog, please allow me a chance to do some admin work.  The surest way that you will hear about our shows–at least for now–is to join our Facebook fan page.  When we have a show coming up, we’ll plug it a few times on the page, and we’ll send out a message to all of our fans.  You can join by going here: http://bit.ly/9g75V6

Also, so everyone knows, our plan is to keep bringing great shows to Reno throughout the rest of the year.  And in August, we’re going to bring an alt-country/roots rock music festival to downtown Reno.  We’ve already lined up a few of the venues, a few of the acts, and a few of the investors, so it ought to be something really enjoyable. 

There will be more to follow on all of these things, but I wanted to have a place to direct people to who were interested in learning more about what our bigger plans are for this year.   For now, we’re just going to keep reaching out to great bands and seeing if they want to play in our great town.


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