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Posted in Extradition 2010 show by Extradition Music on February 19, 2010

You know those events that you hear about from other people after the fact and you wish you would have been there?  I’m not talking about a Superbowl party or anything like that.  I mean one of those events where real things were happening that fit the environment, the weather, the mood so well that you knew it was just perfect?  Tim Wainer’s “Backyard Concert Series” is one of those events. 

Tim runs the Facebook page called “Northern Nevada — Concert Central”.  You can join here.  Tim sends out concert updates for the Reno area as soon as they become available.  He’ll offer the occasional free compilation CD as well, but only to his members.  The greatest gift that Wainer gives to his fans, though, is the live music shows.  That really is what he is in it for, and it shows with the bands that he has had in his home, and in the backyard of some of his friends. 

It’s often the first time you’ve heard of a band that plays in his series, but you can’t help but love them when you see them in such an intimate, BYOB setting.  Sometimes, like this year, the bands will demand to play again: Roadside Graves, one of the favorites from last year, will be playing again this year.  Other times, the bands will have moved up the latter just a bit in the business: Deer Tick played last year, and this year, you couldn’t pull them off a high-profile tour for long enough to play a smaller show.  That’s no dig on Deer Tick.  Good for them.  But it does suggest Tim’s talent for bringing great acts to Reno and finding ones that are on their way. 

We’re in talks to do some shows with Wainer and his group this year.  They’re always a great time.  Think about it: a show in someone’s backyard during a summer evening, there’s a barbecue and banter with the bands, and the music is always great.  So there.  Now I’ve told you about it.  Don’t you wish you would have gone last year? 

We’ll keep you updated on shows this year.


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