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DAWES IN RENO — May 28, 2010

Posted in Extradition 2010 show by Extradition Music on March 29, 2010

I had dinner with a good friend of mine last week and he recommended that I check into booking a band called Dawes for the Extradition Music Series this year.  I have had this request several times to date, requests that have led me to dig into and really start to enjoy Dawes, the band.  You should check out their page here.  Pretty unreal. 

I was intending to follow up with their management when I received a message from them: do we want Dawes on May 28 in Reno?   That’s not really an offer that you say no to, so of course we didn’t.  May 28 at the Underground in Reno.  It is going to be a great show.  

May is going to be a pretty great month.  We’ve booked four shows so far, and are awaiting final details before we launch the announcement on all of the dates.  This is exactly the sort of thing that we want to happen: when a band is traveling through Reno—from SF to SLC, Phoenix to Boise, or whatever—and they finally start to stop through our town.  I think it is starting to happen.  

Dawes will be on the Craig Ferguson Show this Wednesday, March 31, if you want to check them out in advance.  


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  1. Constance said, on April 2, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    I saw Dawes in Sac when they opened for Jenny Lewis- sweetest guys I’ve ever met, and music that parallels Dr. Dog, The Band, and CCR.
    Amazing music, great guys, Reno residents and beyond really need to attend this show and bring more great bands such as Dawes to the area!

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