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Richmond Fontaine Show Update

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I linked to James Haddock Jr’s myspace page yesterday so you could all enjoy his sound as much as I did.  Willy Vlautin, the lead singer from Richmond Fontaine, personally requested that Haddock open up for his Richmond Fontaine Acoustic set on Tuesday, May 4 at the Ole Bridge Pub.  (I’ve been calling it the Old Bridge Pub, which I hear used to exist just east of Reno.)  The show will follow Willy’s reading of Lean on Pete at Sundance Books that same night, and it will be a free show.  By the way, Lean on Pete is excerpted in the next issue of the Nevada Review, where I also review it.  May 4th at the OBP is going to be a great show.


James Haddock, Jr.

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I was just forwarded this link of a singer/songwriter in Reno.  Take a listen to his songs.  Pretty great stuff.  Hopefully we can get him in some of our future shows.

RGJ Updates Extradition Story

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Thanks to Ray Hagar at the Reno Gazette-Journal for writing this great piece on what we’re trying to do here in Reno.  Here it is again with my name corrected.

A Great story in the RGJ today about Extradition Music

Ray Hagar wrote a great piece on Extradition Music in today’s Gazette-Journal.  He get’s my name wrong, but otherwise it’s good stuff.  You can read it here.

Willy Vlautin and Johnny Cash

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I just finished what I hope is the final draft of a chapter I am writing for my non-fiction book on Johnny Cash’s famous Reno line called I Shot a Man in Reno.  The chapter compares/contrasts “Folsom Prison Blues” with Vlautin’s songs and novels.  I seriously can’t think of a band out there that consistently blows my mind.  You should go buy Vlautin’s newest book, Lean on Pete, at Sundance Books in Reno.  You’ll enjoy it.  You should also plan to go to the Ole Bridge Pub on May 4 at 9:00 for a free show.  You can see more about his show here.  Other posts on Richmond Fontaine are here.

Willy Vlautin at Sundance… and then Old Bridge Pub

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I went into Sundance Books yesterday and saw my first real copy of Willy Vlautin’s book, Lean on Pete.  Willy gave us an excerpt for the book for the forthcoming issue of The Nevada Review, and I reviewed it for the same.  Take a look at their announcement for his upcoming reading. 

MAY 4 (Tues. 6:30pm) Reno native Willy Vlautin returns with his new novel. He’ll play some music and read from LEAN ON PETE, which the Independent calls ‘an archetypal American novel, Huck Finn for the crystal-meth generation. . . This is a sad, often brutal, but oddly beautiful portrait of an America that’s forgotten only because we choose not to remember its continuing existence.’

After the reading, they’ll be playing a FREE Extradition Music show at the Old Bridge Pub in downtown Reno.  Here are the details: Richmond Fontaine Acoustic: May 4, 9:00PM at Old Bridge Pub, FREE, 21+

I think this might be my favorite RF song ever.  Water Wars.

Drive-By Truckers

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Did I mention that the Drive-By Truckers are playing at the Crystal Bay Club in May?  Hellbound Glory will be the opener, and I’ll be reviewing the show for the RGJ.  Very excited to do both.

Lucky Tubb w/ Hellbound Glory – May 15

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Ernest Tubb, The Texas Troubadour, was one of the great leaders of the outsider music scene that would be called Country Music in its earliest days.  Just watch this video of my favorite Ernest Tubb song:

Now watch his grand nephew, Lucky Tubb, singing and tell me that authenticity isn’t often hereditary.

Show Details: Lucky Tubb w/ Hellbound Glory: May 15, 8:00PM at The Alley, $5, 21+


The Clydesdale – May 14

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It “sounds like the soundtrack to a western directed by Quentin Tarantino,” says Rolling Stone Magazine.  It is The Clydesdale, a honky tonk band out of Las Vegas.  The Clydesdale have a great sound, and one that is natural to Nevada.  It is exactly the kind of thing we are trying to bring to town, and we are proud to have them. 

Show details: The Clydesdale: May 14, 9:30PM at Rail City Ale House, $5 adv/$8 at the door, 21+

Older posts on The Clydesdale here and here.  You can check out their myspace page here.

The Clydesdale

Get me to Reno and Bring it in Low, cont’d

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After posting that video of Tom Waits signing “Hang on St. Christopher,” a friend and fellow Reno-ite wrote this about his interaction with the man himself:

I saw Waits live last year, front row while I was still living in Spain.  A lot of people were screaming things to him, but he wasn’t too responsive.  Towards the end of his set I yelled, “Greetings From Reno.”  He immediately perked up and said, “Greeting From Reno?  Greetings Back To Reno.  Reno’s got all my money.  Reno’s the only place you can get false teeth in a pawn shop.  But that’s now where I got mine.”  It was like slow motion and I had a perma-grin on my face.  At the end of the show I got to shake his hand.  Awesome performance.  That was his “Glitter & Doom” tour.

You can read more about Waits’ affection for Reno in his songs here.