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Posted in Brad Summerhil, Gambler's Quartet, Virginia Avenue Press by Extradition Music on April 14, 2010

I mentioned before that we have recently signed Brad Summerhill to publish his book, Gambler’s Quartet on Virginia Avenue Press.  Brad’s short story, “9-10,” was featured in the inaugural issue of The Nevada Review.  You can learn about him more from this website here, and check out his author archive at the Reno News and Review, here.  You can learn more about Virginia Avenue Press here, too. 

The bottom line is this: Brad’s a great guy, and an amazing writer.  I read Gambler’s Quartet in a single sitting last year.  I couldn’t put it down it was so moving.  I’ve given the manuscript to a few others to read too, and it has received a similar response each time.  We are extraordinarily proud to have Brad as our first author, and the first of many to interpret our City in fiction.  I’ll be writing updates here regarding where his readings will be, when his book will be available, and so on.


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