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The Avett Brothers Kill on a Reno Stage

Posted in Uncategorized by Extradition Music on April 19, 2010

We celebrated my brother’s birthday last night in the most perfect way imaginable: by watching the Avett Brothers live on a Reno stage.  It was one of the finest musical experiences of my life, bar none.

The show was at GSR, and was opened by the Truth and Salvage Company.  They had an organ player.

The Avetts came out with a four-piece set up for the most part.  Scott and Seth on banjo and guitar, with a little piano thrown in too, plus a bass and a cello player who was simply unreal.  They played a very nice mix of old stuff, new stuff, and their crossover stuff (“I and Love and You”).  I think the place was dead silent when they played “The Weight of Lies.”

One of the biggest surprises of the evening was the sheer size of the alt-country/Americana fan base in Reno.  Sure, the Avett Brothers are a huge deal, and their new album has all kinds of crossover appeal, but this was a dedicated group of fans.  They canceled the show last year, and even still this group was fired up, decked out in urban western gear, and singing along with most every song.  Americana, and perhaps especially the Avetts, clearly has a fan base in Reno.  

And the Avett brothers have a Reno connection and a Johnny Cash connection too.  According to this RGJ interview, the brothers have family in the Reno area, and have been out and around the town before, even if this was the first time they played here.  They were also recorded by Rick Ruben, and played along with a recording of Cash on his final album for Ruben.  I believe, in industry terms, that means that you have arrived.

As we walked out and gloried in the show, my brother mentioned his one lament: “It is ridiculous to expect a band to play a specific song, but I would have loved to have heard them play ‘Murder in the City.'”  What better place for one of the great alt-country acts of our day to sing such a song than Reno.  Especially since they just finished recording for Johnny Cash.


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  1. Jerrysnyder said, on April 19, 2010 at 9:19 am

    The word “epic” gets thrown around an awful lot these days. But that show was epic. You felt like you had been somewhere. Truly an amazing experience.

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