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Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  We are working on switching over to a new website (to include this blog), as well as locking in our acts for Aug 12-15: The Extradition Music Festival.  Let’s just say that it is going to be amazing.  More to follow shortly.


The Donkeys in Reno with Josiah Wolf

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Alt-Country music can’t be pinned down to a specific sound.  That is the persistent debate within the community of followers, and it is one that is impossible to settle.  Extradition Music, Reno’s very own form of Alt-Country music, is equally uncategorizable, the only difference being that we believe that it happens to be alt-country that is particularly perfect for our favorite city: Reno. 

Over the years, bands have reinterpreted the non-Nashvile sound in many different ways.  John Doe and the Sadies, who we brought to town last year, were old, old country, with a little bit of punk thrown in, befitting the styles of the two groups that formed.  Wayne Hancock and Lucky Tubb played old honky tonk classic sounds for us this year, Las Vegas’ The Clydesdale player their Rockabilly/Punk sound for us.  Of course, there are the homegrown artists too: The Saddle Tramps, Hellbound Glory, Leroy Virgil and the Loaded Dice, Richmond Fontaine, James Haddock, Jr., Buster Blue, and so many more, all of whom represent different pieces of the alt-country, or more appropriately, Extradition music Spectrum.

In this vein, we are eager to bring you The Donkeys on June 1st.  They are an outgrowth of the country-rock/folk-rock bands of the ’60s and ’70s like The Byrds, Gram Parsons’ various outfits, and others, and we are more than excited to bring them to a Reno audience.  Listen to them on MySpace here.

And check out this video of them playing “Excelsior Lady” off of their newest album:

Show details here:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 – The Donkeys, with opening act Josiah Wolf      
                                         Treehouse Lounge (entrance behind The Underground)
                                         Doors open at 8 PM; $5 at the door

Dawn Landes show this Friday moved

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The Dawn Landes show that I wrote about here is still being hosted by Northern Nevada Concert Central this Friday evening, but the venue has changed.  Because of bad weather, they have moved it over to Sierra Tap House in downtown Reno.  Check out this show this Friday evening at 7:30 and support a great group of people that is very effectively bringing great music to Reno.  $15.00 at the door.

Former Extradition Music Stars release albums this week

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Both The Sadies, who performed with Richmond Fontaine as a part of John Doe and The Sadies at our very first Extradition show, released their latest album this week.  Also, Lucky Tubb’s, who performed an Extradition Music show in Reno this last Saturday with Hellboung Glory, just dropped his latest album.

Hank III is coming to Reno

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J’heard this?  June 24 at the Knitting Factory.  Ought to be an interesting show.

Billy Joe Shaver Acquitted

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I read recently that the little tiff that ended with Billy Joe Shaver shooting a man in the face outside of Waco no longer  hangs over the Honky Tonk Hero’s head.  Apparently, Coker, the man he shot, was running his mouth and attempted to assault the Man, and Shaver shot him… in the face.  According to witnesses, he said, “Where do you want it?” before he shot him.

Here is some background on the story.

Here is “Georgia on a Fast Train,” in homage to the man:

Honky Tonk Hangover is Back

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Extradition Music announced today that the popular Honky Tonk Hangover music series has been revived again for a new run of shows.  For the third consecutive summer, Leroy Virgil, one of Reno’s most authentic country musicians, will be bringing his unique blend of music and storytelling to the Sierra Tap House.

WHAT: Honky Tonk Hangover

WHERE: Sierra Tap House (253 West 1st Street, Reno, NV)

WHEN: Sunday, May 23, 2010; Sunday, June 6, 2010; Sunday, June 20, 2010, 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM

All shows are free and The Sierra Tap House will be offering drink specials each night of the series.  Leroy Virgil is best known for his work with Outlaw Country band Hellbound Glory and the group Leroy Virgil and the Loaded Dice, which plays classic country covers.

Lucky Tubb recap

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Friday night we had The Clydesdale at the Ale House at Rail City.  What a great show.  There were some sound issues, but the band was incredible and it looked like the fans were appreciative.  Saturday night we had another great one: Lucky Tubb and the Modern Day Troubadours with Hellboung Glory opening.

The show was at the Alley, or first gig there, and was scheduled for doors at 8:00.  That was probably too early for a Saturday night, but we were saved by Lucky Tubb’s car trouble coming out of northern California.  When they got there, only a little bit late considering how much trouble they had just trying to get there, Lucky showed me the rig they had set up to make the trip happen: a piece of speaker wire running from the starter to wherever such a wire would run to.  “I never cancel a show,” Tubb said while they packed in their gear.

The sound at the Alley.  I’ve seen the whole Hellbound Glory set up once before and I’ve known Leroy for years now, so I am familiar with their stuff.  This show was excellent.  Chapin’s ability to maximize the output from the speakers and HG’s incredible stage presence, turned out to be a perfect mix.  They were a little faster than Lucky Tubb’s band, and certainly louder, but the two bands really complemented each other.

As you can see from the picture below, Tubb and his Troubadours came out dressed in 1940s Texas country attire.  They were throwbacks to the days of his great-uncle, Ernest, and the sound perfectly completed the motif.  They played a 90-minute set, complete with covers and originals.  There was a relatively small audience, but it was truly a great show.  We’re looking forward to having them back to town.

Hayseed Hoot

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If you are reading this blog in real time–and who am I kidding?–the Hayseed Hoot is halfway through its inaugural episode over at KUNR.  It’s amazing to hear the show again, and the lineup that the folks at KUNR have built around it makes for a pretty great Saturday afternoon.  I highly recommend it.  Good stuff, Dondo.

Lucky Tubb tonight at the Alley

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Be sure to come out tonight to the Alley for Lucky Tubb and the Modern Troubadours.  Doors are at 8:00, $5.oo at the door.  This is a 21 and over show.  It’s going to be an amazing show.