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Lucky Tubb recap

Posted in Uncategorized by Extradition Music on May 17, 2010

Friday night we had The Clydesdale at the Ale House at Rail City.  What a great show.  There were some sound issues, but the band was incredible and it looked like the fans were appreciative.  Saturday night we had another great one: Lucky Tubb and the Modern Day Troubadours with Hellboung Glory opening.

The show was at the Alley, or first gig there, and was scheduled for doors at 8:00.  That was probably too early for a Saturday night, but we were saved by Lucky Tubb’s car trouble coming out of northern California.  When they got there, only a little bit late considering how much trouble they had just trying to get there, Lucky showed me the rig they had set up to make the trip happen: a piece of speaker wire running from the starter to wherever such a wire would run to.  “I never cancel a show,” Tubb said while they packed in their gear.

The sound at the Alley.  I’ve seen the whole Hellbound Glory set up once before and I’ve known Leroy for years now, so I am familiar with their stuff.  This show was excellent.  Chapin’s ability to maximize the output from the speakers and HG’s incredible stage presence, turned out to be a perfect mix.  They were a little faster than Lucky Tubb’s band, and certainly louder, but the two bands really complemented each other.

As you can see from the picture below, Tubb and his Troubadours came out dressed in 1940s Texas country attire.  They were throwbacks to the days of his great-uncle, Ernest, and the sound perfectly completed the motif.  They played a 90-minute set, complete with covers and originals.  There was a relatively small audience, but it was truly a great show.  We’re looking forward to having them back to town.


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  1. Drew said, on May 17, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    You missed the highlight of the evening at 3:00 AM in the Davidson’s parking lot. Three fiddles (including Katie) with Lucky and Leroy on acoustic guitars playing requests for over an hour. All out hootenanny. Good times.

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